Online Psychotherapy: Could This Work For You?

So you’re considering psychotherapy to support you, but even if you’ve done therapy before, maybe you’re not entirely sure about starting a therapeutic relationship via online video-call consultation.

This briefly addresses the most frequently asked questions about online therapy, to help you decide whether you want to go ahead with psychotherapy sessions using this medium. Please feel free to contact me on to ask any questions! 

What is online psychotherapy?

Online therapy, also referred to as teletherapy, web-based therapy or e-therapy, is psychotherapy with a licensed, board certified clinical psychologist through a virtual platform. It works the same way as traditional therapy sessions with only one difference – therapist and client meet in an online room instead of face-to-face.

What are the benefits of online, video call psychotherapy sessions?

It works – evidence-based research has found online consultations to be as effective as in-person therapy in helping with a wide range of psychological difficulties.

Super convenient – it’s more flexible and you can talk to me from the comfort of your own home.

Saves time and effort – you don’t have to travel to see me, and you don’t have to battle to find parking. You also don’t have to dress up! It’s just you and me.

Easily accessible – to those who have physical limitations, or who live far away from where I practice.

Extra-private – for anyone uncomfortable with visiting a centre and bumping into other clients and therapists, online video-call sessions are ideal!

Health and safety – online therapy enables us to engage in a therapeutic journey while staying safe and staying home.

What about the challenges and difficulties of online therapy?

If you’re from a different country to me, your insurance might not cover sessions.

If you have a serious substance dependence or are experiencing intense suicidal thoughts, seeing a psychiatrist or your family doctor in person is recommended as the first port of call.

Will our sessions be confidential?

Any information given to me is confidential and won’t be given to a third party unless you give me specific permission to release the information. The only exceptions ever (which are the same for face-to-face therapy) are if there’s a legal reason that obliges me to share the information, or if there’s significant risk of harm to yourself or someone else.

Online sessions use the internet so we need to work together to protect your confidentiality. From my side I use the Zoom platform that provides encryption to communicate, or I call you from my mobile phone. From your side it’s important to password protect the devices you use and install antivirus software – and keep it updated.

You need to find a private space when engaging in online therapy. You can be creative in finding such a space – it’s completely fine if you talk to me from your car, or your bathroom. Try using headphones as well, to minimise outside noise and keep our session even more private. 

Do I need any special technology?

All you need is a device (such as a phone, a tablet or a computer) that can connect to the internet and be able to install and use Zoom software that we’ll use for our sessions. A reliable high-speed internet connection is also important. 

What happens if we have technical difficulties during our session?

I will immediately call you from my mobile phone. From that point on we can choose to leave the Zoom video on but mute the Zoom audio for the rest of the call, or talk by telephone only.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

My online psychotherapy sessions are billed by time as in the case of face-to-face therapy, and are scheduled in advance.

Payment will be by my automated, encrypted online billing system, and all the information will be sent to you when you make an appointment.

I look forward to e-meeting with you!