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Why you should be your own best friend

In this blog post, you'll discover why it's essential to be your own best friend and learn simple tips for cultivating self-love and care. By becoming your own advocate, you can boost your self-esteem, improve your mindset, and positively impact your overall well-being. Don't miss out on this valuable advice for practicing self-love and care in your life.

Rewire your brain: what is neuroplasticity and how does it work

You can rewire your brain faster and more easily than you may have realised. Many therapy and personal growth practices, such as practicing kindness, start to show results immediately. Others may take a little more time, but usually, you will start to see changes fairly quickly.
This is a picture of a wooden signpost against a misty, natural background. The direction is symbolised by the shape of an arrow pointing which way to go, which fits with this article explaining the difference between a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist.

The difference between a Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatrist

It’s not unusual to feel unsure about whether you need a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist. This article explains the difference between a clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist, so you have a better idea of who to consult. Some aspects…