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How to have conversations about sex: A guide for parents (part 1)

Think back to the first conversation you had with somebody about sex. Who was it with? Was it helpful? Did it clarify the subject for you, or did it leave you with more questions that you originally had?

Recipe for happiness in 21 days

Psychology as a discipline tends to focus on problems - identifying them, exploring them, and solving them (as best as possible). This article looks at positive psychology, the longest ever psychological study, and the 21 day recipe for happiness.

10 Acts of kindness where everybody wins

This is a short list of 10 acts of kindness that will directly benefit the recipient and also give you an instant reward!

Choose joy

The lives of others may seem amazing to you. Yet even the super-rich, celebrities, and people who seem to have everything anyone could desire may not remember (or feel able) to choose joy.

What makes a good life?

The notion of what makes a good life has been pondered and discussed by humans for millennia. This article takes a looks at a few of the ideas put forward by some western philosophers.

Affirmations for mental health

Affirmations improve your stress levels, encourage positive changes in behaviour, are positively linked to academic achievement, and make you more resilient.
This picture shows a small garden, possibly a window garden or garden bed. Propped up in between some plans is a small square sign made of white paper that says #(hashtag) Be Kind

One act of random kindness at a time improves your wellbeing

Global culture tends to emphasise the pursuit of wealth, material possessions, and short-term pleasure. Unfortunately, none of these things permanently add to your overall level of happiness – unlike performing one random act of kindness at…