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This image shows 5 rows of assorted beans, placed on a swathe of white fabric. Each row is made up of 5 beans that are very similar in terms of colour and pattern, but completely different from the other rows. They form a pretty pattern and colour palette that makes me think of how we can cultivate kindness with deliberate intent. And of course beans are a kind of seed that can grow.

How to cultivate kindness

It's worth making the effort to cultivate kindness wherever you go, and whatever you do. We hear a lot about diet, exercise, goal setting, work-life balance, and other self-focused ways of improving wellbeing, but kindness could trump them all.…
This picture shows a small garden, possibly a window garden or garden bed. Propped up in between some plans is a small square sign made of white paper that says #(hashtag) Be Kind

One act of random kindness at a time improves your wellbeing

Global culture tends to emphasise the pursuit of wealth, material possessions, and short-term pleasure. Unfortunately, none of these things permanently add to your overall level of happiness – unlike performing one random act of kindness at…