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5 helpful strategies for the not average (Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit in?)

Just because the world caters to the average, doesn’t mean that’s all there is. This article explains how and why the world caters to the average majority, and suggests 5 simple strategies to help yourself if you’re not average in some way.
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BWRT is a powerful therapy technique that might just change your life – Part 1

BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) is a wonderful new therapeutic technique originally developed by Terence Watts in 2011. It's a client-centred method that uses your imagination to find a path to your healing.  A quick and efficient treatment…
Registered psychotherapist helps busy executives leave their desk

Your registered psychotherapist: What to expect from me

Starting a therapy process can be a bit daunting, and it’s important to find a licenced, registered psychotherapist who you can relate to. I wrote this article in the hope that knowing what you can expect will help you decide if I’m the…
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How does psychotherapy actually work?

Are you struggling to manage the day to day? Feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled? Are you battling a “foggy” brain, do you find it hard to make decisions, are you worried or sad or strangely irritable? Maybe you’ve thought about going…
Butterfly meaning of psychology
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What does psychology mean?

Psychology is generally defined as the study of the human mind, experience and behaviour. But the meaning of psychology differs according to who is talking about it. The world itself is derived from two Greek words: “Psyche” which means…

The power of a good hug

How often do you experience the power of a good hug? Some people hug a lot, some shy away from physical contact, most are somewhere in the middle. Wherever you are on the hug spectrum, read this to learn to get huggier, how to give a good hug, and how hugs improve your overall well being.