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How to survive Christmas: 3 strategies to minimize stress

The festive holidays can be a very stressful time in one's life, but there are ways to mitigate the anxiety you may experience and strategies to help you cope with unpleasant situations that may arise.

How to have conversations about sex: A guide for parents (part 1)

Think back to the first conversation you had with somebody about sex. Who was it with? Was it helpful? Did it clarify the subject for you, or did it leave you with more questions that you originally had?

Better verbal communication skills in your relationships: How to talk it out in a helpful way

Do you find yourself getting into arguments with people in your life, or feel silenced in your relationships? Learn how to have better verbal communication skills in your relationships

The power of a good hug

How often do you experience the power of a good hug? Some people hug a lot, some shy away from physical contact, most are somewhere in the middle. Wherever you are on the hug spectrum, read this to learn to get huggier, how to give a good hug, and how hugs improve your overall well being.