“I was a bit nervous about starting therapy online, but with the lockdown in place we had no other choice. Now after three sessions with Karen, I can’t imagine working with her any other way! I can fit in our sessions around work calls too.”

ReemFinancial Banker, 35

“Karen has been my therapist for ages and I appreciate all the help she’s offered me to get to this place, I’m really thankful and grateful for it. Moving online was easy it feels the same as seeing her in person.”

OmarMultinational Executive, 43

“Karen is such a warm and wonderful person! So wise and full of knowledge, and after seeing her, life always feels a little lighter. I can very much recommend her.”

Maria BichelClient

“Karen’s support helped me get through very difficult times at the beginning of this year, the advice and the strategy we put together was a life saver for me!”

ZeinaEditor, 42

“Thank you for your kind words and thoughts throughout our time together. I think it’s safe to say I have a few things to work on still but I’m feeling a lot better about myself and my life.”

WarrenConstruction, 38

“I never felt like I was “enough” and the constant self-doubt was getting in the way of living my life and enjoying my children. I am so grateful for our sessions together, they were hugely beneficial to me and I’m leaving Dubai with a sense of contentment with who I am.”

JenniferStay-at-home Mom, 45

“My sessions with Karen have saved my relationship. I will probably come again sometime in the future, but for now I just ask myself: “What would Karen say!”

JanaInterior Decorator, 26

“My brother has changed his major to study clinical psychology because of the change he sees in me after therapy with you. He and I both thought I would never recover after what happened; I was like a ghost, but now I feel like myself again, I’m living again.”

AnnahMarketing Executive, 34

“I never wanted to do therapy, to be honest, I always thought I could solve my own problems. But after seeing Karen for the past 2 months, I wish I had come years ago. I think everybody should do it.”

VaughanCEO, 39

“When my Dad died I couldn’t get on top of the grief. Karen helped me work through it to forgive him; it’s like a huge weight is off my chest.”

DianaAdvertising Copywriter, 28

“Thank you so much for all your kindness and care for me, I think of you often and remember your warm empathy.”

NaomiEvent Manager, 58

“Karen, it’s because of you that I started living again.”

FatimaDesigner, 22

“Every person leaves Karen’s office with a big smile on their face!”


“After 3 years together, I feel like you know everything there is to know about me, and yet you always help me find out something more about myself.”

EstherLawyer, 33

“When I came to see Karen about my identity crisis and the problems in my marriage, I had no idea that our sessions would help me to solve my work issues as well. I was planning to see an executive coach but now there’s no need at all.”

RogerSenior Banking Executive, 53

“Dear Karen, thank you for helping us to help our teenager, she is finally adjusting.”

RonanFather of 17 year old

“Karen helped me understand that I don’t have to change what I look like to change how I feel about myself. Every day I love myself a little bit more”.

GabiStudent, 19

“I’ve implemented Karen’s ideas and day 1 was pretty good!  I’m looking forward to doing the complete course with her.”

NayaabMother, Writer, 31

“After our sessions with Karen, we made the decision to go forward with the IVF, and now we have our miracle baby Wade!”

Lila and Khalil44 and 46

“Dear Karen, really and truly you have been such an empathetic, kind and encouraging support – sometimes being the only good thing in an entire week (therefore me never cancelling even one session before, let alone be late!) Thank you for your understanding on all levels, I will always remember you. Again, a genuinely big thank you.”

KarunaMother of three, 55

“Dear Karen, thank you for your understanding, kindness and advice with Ryan. I can already see a difference and I will definitely take the advice and be more gentle on myself and allow myself the compassion I deserve.”

Ingrid41, Mother of 15 year old

“I used to be like a dog and my boss had the bone, but now I know that I have the all the power I need. These days I am calm and in control and now my relationship with my boss is based on mutual respect.”

Mohammed44, Senior Executive

“Doing this process with Karen has made me remember who I really am and suddenly I can’t wait to get into the studio to paint.”

Emma52, Artist

“The old Jane would freak out and get so upset and triggered by my husband and my children, I was living my life in an exhausted panic. The new Jane takes care of herself first and she responds instead of reacts. I’ll never forget working with Karen.”

Jane34, Head of Human Resources and mother of two

“Karen is an outstanding scholar, and an excellent, confident speaker. She is vivacious, humorous, fields questions intelligently, is confident but not overbearing, and generally is commanding of attention. It would be a pity to lose her sparkling intellect to private practice in the clinical field.”

Professor Ann EdwardsDepartment of Psychology, Rhodes University

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“Ms Andrews completed her thesis towards her Clinical Masters Degree under my supervision, producing data that are in demand for clinical work in the area of psychological assessment in this country. Accordingly, she has been a participant in a national psychology conference workshop on cross-cultural test performance within the South African context, in which her research results were presented (2009), and in a national neuropsychology conference symposium where once again the research outcome of her thesis was presented (2010).

Further, under my supervision, Ms Andrews has completed a revision of her thesis report in preparation for submission to a journal for publication. This submission will form part of a special edition on cross-cultural normative data that is due to appear in the December issue of the Journal of Psychology in Africa (JPA), a credentialed journal for subsidy purposes. In typical style, Ms Andrews is the first and only person in the team of contributors to date who has completed her revision, and long before the deadline date. She is one of the most organized and delightful supervisees I have ever worked with. She provided a strong natural leadership style in the team of four masters students that were involved in the project of which her thesis formed a part, demonstrating her significant organizational abilities, and having the personality to engage productively in team work.

Ms Andrews received a very high first class pass for the thesis component of her Masters Degree, and an overall distinction for the degree. This serves to complete her track record of first class achievements through her academic career thus far. She is an outstanding scholar, and an excellent, confident speaker as I have observed from a number of her presentations. This included presentation in a professional conference setting, as well as presentation of an assessment case to her postgraduate colleagues during her clinical masters training. Accordingly, I am of the firm opinion that she will make an outstanding teacher at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Ms Andrews is academically ambitious and very determined. I have no doubt that she will go far in academia. We have had a number of discussions of possible routes for her to follow in the completion of a PhD, and I will be delighted (in fact honoured) if she chooses to work with me on one of the neuropsychological projects that have been tentatively proposed. I am also sure that once she has made the final selection of her topic, she will complete a doctorate in a relatively short space of time due to her considerable organizational skills and goal-oriented determination to complete a chosen task. It is for this reason that I can consider taking her on as a supervisee at this post-retirement point in my career.”

– Professor Ann Edwards, Department of Psychology, Rhodes University

“Karen Andrews possesses a high work ethic and has the skills to match. I am more than pleased to recommend Karen Anne Hope Andrews without reservation”.

– Carolyn Wiley, PhD, SPHR, DipEmpLaw, European Principal, Mercer Consulting

“The rural, previously disadvantaged primary school at which I worked in South Africa consulted with clinical psychologist Karen Anne Hope Andrews about various problems we were experiencing with learners. Karen is a kind, gentle, empathic clinician who was endlessly supportive. She took the time to write many letters of referral and to set up appointments for assessments and therapy where applicable. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen whose kindness, gentleness and sound advice were invaluable to me.

These children came from extremely poor and often traumatic home environments and in my classroom I dealt with children who had learning disorders, cognitive impairment and other barriers to learning and were victims of physical and sexual abuse. I also had to manage some serious behavioural problems.

She came to the school to offer a workshop on participatory classroom management with my class, which was a huge success. She also developed and presented a workshop on bullying, which the children really enjoyed and which resulted in an improvement in social interaction between learners in the classroom and on the playground.”

– David Le Roux, Primary School Teacher

* Note, all names have been changed where relating to confidential client testimonials.